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If your product or service can make life a little easier for Owners, Agents and Managers of dormant or under-utilised commercial spaces, we want to know about it.

Please do complete our contact form below, together with details of your uber-cool offering and how you think we can help clients get the most out of their commercial space and we’ll get right back to you.


Service and Scope

We are looking for partners who are able to offer creative solutions to commercial property owners with vacant / dormant spaces or to users looking to rent those spaces. So if your product or service can help owners, agents or managers turn dormant commercial spaces into revenue or help offset upkeep costs, that’s exactly what we are looking for.

We aim to deliver services to market that create a win, win scenario for our partners and new tenants alike. So whether its providing services for property guardians, security or pop-up retailers we are looking to create a premium service offering with our partners and help you extend your market reach.